Art Prints & Enhanced Giclees

Collectible Giclee Art Prints from original oil paintings by Jeff Segler. 

I have several Art Print Formats available:

1) Giclees are a maximum 22”x 17” and printed on heavy 100% rag paper with archival inks, signed by the artist and individually numbered in an edition. Giclee Prints are hand made by the artist and are the highest quality print available. Larger giclees can be produced by special order.

2) Lithographic Prints vary in size and are pre-printed by a commercial printer. They are also high quality productions signed by the artist and individually numbered in an edition. The main difference is they can be various sizes.

3) The final option is the most complex, the Enhanced Giclee. These are printed on actual canvas, mounted on art board, and I hand paint them with a clear gel that shows visible brush strokes on the surface. This simulates an original painting. These are special order. Contact me for these.

  • I Want To Go Back To Philmont

    Over the years I have created several paintings that I titled, I Want To Go Back To Philmont. The first was painted in 1981 featuring a male Ranger, symbolic of all Philmont Staff wanting to return to the Ranch.

    In 2022 I created a new painting in tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Women Rangers at Philmont titled East of the Sun & West of the Moon, IWTGBTP 2.

    2023 will see a 3rd IWTGBTP, a tribute to the Philmont Wranglers. Watch this space.

    I Want To Go Back To Philmont - IWTGBTP 
  • The Cimarron Collection

    Over the last 4+ decades I have painted many paintings inspired by Philmont landscapes and historical characters. Several of these paintings, I feel capture the character and history of the Cimarron country. I have placed these paintings in a graphical layout and call my Cimarron Collection.

    The Cimarron Collection 
  • The Boys of Pajarito Plateau

    In 1917, A.J Connell established an exclusive academic, outdoors school on a series of mesas northwest of Santa Fe, the Los Alamos Ranch School. His philosophy behind the new school was inspired in part by the teachings of Baden Powell, Dan Beard, and Ernest Thompson Seton who had recently launched a new program called the Boy Scouts. Each boy at the Los Alamos Ranch School was issued a horse which they cared for while at the School. In 1942 Robert J. Oppenheimer took over the School and its property as the location of the top secret Manhattan Project. These two paintings are a tribute to the boys of the Pajarito Plateau.

    Boys of Pajarito Plateau 
  • Western Paintings

    Western painter, Jeff Segler creates oil paintings of everyday working cowboys, Native Americans, horses and cattle, wildlife and landscapes, as well as Scouting subjects.


    Jeff grew up in Alabama watching Gene Autry, The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, and Flipper. He always wanted to be a cowboy (or dolphin wrangler) as a kid. In 1977 he got the opportunity, sort of. Jeff took a job as a cowboy in a living history program at Philmont Scout Ranch in Northern New Mexico teaching thousands of young people the history of the cattle industry in the 1880s American West. He taught about everyday working cowboys, cattle barons, and all characters in between. He worked the job for seven years and learned a lot about the everyday life of an 1880’s cowboy. That was the real foundation for Jeff’s passion for cowboy art.


    During the same period Jeff began painting professionally, particularly cowboy subjects. He signed on with galleries in Ft. Worth and Santa Fe and began doing shows around the Southwest.

    Western Paintings